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CREATIVES NOW offers a dynamic range of projects and activities to ignite creativity in every form. From engaging trips to local and regional exhibitions, hands-on interviews and workshops with international artists, to insightful conversations with cultural leaders, we open doors to a world of inspiration.


Contributing actively to Bolton's cultural development plans, our members design and deliver micro-interventions that add a splash of creativity to the town's culture and take a keen interest in its environment. We're not limited to canvas; our projects include collaborative painting, installations, school exhibitions, community events, set design, and sculpture.


We advocate for mental health awareness through impactful campaigns and creative health and well-being activities.

With ventures into graphic novels, zines, creative writing, and story-telling, we embrace diverse expression. Our performing arts, film-making and youth film-festival programming are avenues for self-expression and community connection. At the heart of it all, we design and facilitate cultural conversations, gathering public opinions to shape the cultural landscape. CREATIVES NOW is a melting pot of artistic endeavours, fostering a community that thrives on boundless creativity.

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