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Activate social themes via a range of story-telling methods to create dynamic intergenerational conversations.

CREATIVES NOW collaborates enthusiastically with the Octagon Theatre's Sharing Stories Project, an initiative that aims to extend the transformative power of the arts to families who might face barriers to access. Our project was designed to provide young people with a platform to share their unique narratives, connecting teenagers to family arts scenarios, fostering literacy skills and nurturing creativity.

Under the guidance of Ben Cain, the group explored all sorts of storytelling, spanning diverse art disciplines. The exploration covered a broad spectrum, ranging from the ancient allure of neolithic cave paintings to the contemporary realms of zines, puppetry, and creative writing. This multidisciplinary approach ensured a holistic understanding of the power of sharing stories.

The culmination of this exploration materialised in an engaging and active storytelling session. Held in Bolton Central Library, the session brought stories to life and served as a testament to the collaborative and creative efforts of the participants.

The session has garnered great reviews, reflecting the success of the Sharing Stories Project in achieving its goals.

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