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Explore how the environment and surroundings impact feelings, emotions, and experiences. Observe, interact, and engage with Bolton's people and places as a form of creative action research.

Rooted in the ethos of creative action research, the collective's psychgeography work unfolds through a dynamic interplay of observation, interaction, and engagement with the diverse people and places that define Bolton's rich tapestry.

Urban sketching is a key medium through which the group captures the essence of Bolton's landscapes and town environment. With pens and sketchbooks in hand, participants explore the town, translating their perceptions and emotions onto paper. Photography is also a powerful tool, freezing moments in time and preserving the visual narratives of Bolton's evolving story.

CREATIVES NOW also gathers 'found conversations.' Immersing themselves in busy town centre spots, participants collect snippets of dialogue and anecdotes.

Intrigued by the concept of Mass Observation, a social experiment that unfolded in Bolton in the 1930s, CREATIVES NOW approaches it with a contemporary lens. Rather than replicating historical methods, the group believes in the ethical significance of Bolton reflecting on itself. This philosophy shapes their approach, ensuring that the insights derived from their exploration carry an authentic resonance.

Complementing these methods, interviews with local residents add a human dimension to the project. Conversations with individuals from diverse backgrounds amplify the richness of the narrative, offering a tapestry woven with the threads of personal stories, aspirations, and reflections.

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