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Bolton's budding filmmakers work with mentor Javi de Prado to master machine learning tools for film production, blending themed story-telling, original footage and generative AI outputs. Results debut at Bolton Film Festival.

CREATIVES NOW proudly facilitated an inspiring month-long online film programme for budding filmmakers aged 12-14. Under the mentorship of Spanish director and VFX specialist, Javier de Prado, participants explored the art of filmmaking. The journey began with the development of captivating narratives for their short films, fostering their storytelling skills.

In a cutting-edge twist, young filmmakers explored new generative AI software, gaining insights into the innovative intersection of technology and creativity. Guided through the intricacies of editing software, they blended original recorded footage with AI-generated files, pushing the boundaries of film creation.

The culmination of this enriching experience was the presentation of their films at Bolton Film Festival. Alongside their mentor, participants introduced their creations to the audience, sharing their perspectives on the creative processes they had experienced. The live reviews provided by Javier added a valuable layer of mentorship, offering constructive feedback and encouraging their growth as emerging filmmakers. This initiative not only empowered young talents to navigate the intricacies of film production but also positioned them as contributors to the landscape of Bolton's cultural scene.

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