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Find out more about creative career pathways and connect with community conversations, arts organisations, artists and cultural leaders to create change.

CREATIVES NOW actively engages in a huge range of creative conversations and cultural consultations, embodying their commitment to inclusivity and community-driven initiatives. The group has orchestrated open studios, providing a platform for artists interested in collaboration to explore their project ideas with them. These sessions serve as dynamic forums for idea exchange, fostering connections between local artists and the collective.

Beyond the local sphere, Creatives Now participates in national and international art seminars and workshops, staying attuned to global perspectives and innovative practices. This continuous engagement with the broader artistic community enhances the collective's understanding and influences their approach to creative projects.

In the heart of Bolton, the group initiates conversations with key figures leading the town's development, contributing valuable insights to cultural planning. To ensure the broader public's voice is heard, CREATIVES NOW takes to the streets, conducting public consultations that encourage spontaneous and diverse perspectives.

Recognising the importance of youth engagement, the collective actively participates in events dedicated to discussions on opportunities for children and young people in the town. By joining these conversations, CREATIVES NOW ensures that the perspectives and aspirations of the younger generation are central to their initiatives.

Additionally, the group has had insightful sessions with consultancy teams working on Bolton's cultural development plan. This collaborative exchange allows CREATIVES NOW to align their projects with the town's overarching cultural vision, ensuring synergy and mutual benefit.

Through these multifaceted engagements, CREATIVES NOW demonstrates a commitment to democratic, inclusive, and culturally enriching dialogues, reflecting the diverse voices that contribute to the cultural tapestry of Bolton.

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