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Engage in projects centered around self-reflection, fostering connections with others, exploring diversity and cohesion, and creating for pleasure. Advocate for mental health awareness and promote inclusive communities.

CREATIVES NOW engages young people in a variety of creative health activities, fostering both artistic expression and mental well-being. Collaborating with Breakdown Bolton, the collective has designed impactful t-shirts to raise awareness about mental health, using art as a powerful tool for advocacy and understanding. In the project 'Boltopia,' members explored the concept of a healthy and creative town, showcasing their visions through various artistic mediums.

As part of their commitment to mental health advocacy, CREATIVES NOW organised creative health activities for a Youth World Mental Health Day event at the Town Hall. These activities provided means for young individuals to express themselves artistically, promoting positive mental health practices and encouraging open conversations about well-being.

Through these initiatives, CREATIVES NOW not only nurtures artistic talent but also actively contributes to building a supportive community that values and prioritises mental health awareness among young people.

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