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CREATIVES NOW is an arts collective for 12 - 18-year-olds in Bolton. The collective is youth-led and dedicated to co-design. We welcome new members who are interested in working collaboratively to bring youth voice and action to Bolton's cultural scene. We have a town centre studio and deliver a range of online programmes. Our members commission artists and creative organisations to work with us to design all kinds of projects.

Co-design is a collaborative and inclusive approach that involves all project participants in the design process, ensuring their active participation, shared decision-making, and diverse perspectives to create solutions that resonate with their needs and preferences.

Arts for social action is using creativity as a superpower to make a positive impact on the world! As a collective, we explore the local to international cultural scene and use our findings to raise awareness and design projects that create change within important social issues. It's not just about making great art; it's about making a difference and using creativity to inspire others to think, feel, and act for a better world.

Youth arts commissioning gives the creative reins to talented young artists! Creatives Now supports members of the collective to develop creative project ideas, write artist briefs and interview prospective collaborators. 


Empower young creatives to create the change they wish to see

Provide access to diverse art forms to inspire creative thinking for real-world change

Inspire youth-led and intergenerational art projects

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